Search Academy offers Medium to Large Enterprises a leading edge Search Marketing solution.


Search Academy are APACs fastest growing SEO consultancy. Unlike many SEO companies, we use science and data to concentrate our SEO efforts in the right place, which gives our clients faster and accelerated results.

We work mainly with Medium to Large enterprises and well known Australian brands across many different industries and have had success with the likes of NRMA, ANZ, Connect Hearing and Polycom to name a few. We help you to achieve your marketing and business strategy to achieve your goals.

Our clients have seen their organic search traffic improve dramatically since engaging with Search Academy.


What makes us different? 


Our specialist consultants are skilled across many disciplines in online marketing and on average have 8 years experience in the digital space. However, unlike many other SEO companies in the market that are solely reliant on their specialist SEO consultants knowledge, our consultants are driven by GlassHat technology; our automated activity planning tool that is capable of identifying priority SEO activities.


What does GlassHat do?


GlassHat doesn’t tell you what you need to do; it understands that you have already started the journey of SEO.  It’s able to accurately tell you what you need to do next; to give you the best possible chance of achieving higher market share and improving your keyword rankings for the most important keywords.

GlassHat works by analysing the 100 + things that you could be focusing on with SEO, and identifies the top highest payoff and lowest risk activities that need to be actioned to help you rank better in the organic search listings.

Read more about our unique GlassHat technology and in-house search consulting services.


What SEO results can you expect to see?


  • Growth of unique visitor numbers
  • Improved rankings for your most valuable keywords
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Improved effectiveness of your other digital marketing channels
  • Increased ROI (return-on-investment)
  • Increased lead generation and direct sales


About our CEO:


Search Academy was founded by Matt Collis, a results-focused search marketing expert, in August 2008.

Before starting his own business, Matt worked as Head of Account Services at 24/7 Real Media (later known as Outrider), one of the global leading search marketing agencies. He has worked with a number of verticals with budgets ranging from just $1,000 to over $1,000,000 per month.